We are a life cycle solution provider in the space of high-integrity castings.  Along with our partner foundries, we offer decades of experience in high-integrity castings for critical applications. Our specialist supplier base covers multiple casting methodologies, rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing techniques. Our customers can avail of a compelling suite of dedicated expertise in design & development, prototyping, tooling and patterns, and series production of castings for critical applications. We tackle your challenges with casting complex shapes, tight tolerances, proprietary alloys and new applications using our innovative mix of cutting edge technologies and traditional techniques.


We address design & development challenges our customers face to achieve high-integrity castings. Typically, this includes selection of appropriate and current generations of materials. And, providing our customers with economical cast alternatives to other manufacturing methodologies. Broadly, our services cover:

  • Choice of casting methodology.
  • Material selection.
  • Design enhancements to aid castability.

Resulting in the successfully implementation of a complete strategy to:

  • Shrink development and testing cycles.
  • Aid manufacturability and repeatability.
  • Achieve superior mechanical properties.
  • Enhance efficiency of inspection and quality assurance.
  • Minimise cost and condense time to product deployment.

Quality Assurance

Our products speak for quality across methods, applications and rigorous testing and reporting guidelines.Our partners are certified to general quality and reporting standards such as ISO 9001 and Bureau Veritas. They also possess industry-specific certifications such as AS/EN 9100 and PRI NADCAP for aerospace and other certifications for petrochemical, nuclear and defence industries.

They also maintain process-specific standards including SAE AMS, ASTM, ASME, MIL for material testing, heat treatment, welding, radiography, fluid penetrant inspection, and the range of surface treatments. Each of our partners holds many additional customer-specific certifications.

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