Our offering can be sub-divided into various specific capabilities, each of which is available to our customers separately or in combination as appropriate. Our strength lies in end-to-end control of all individual capabilities within the product suite, resulting in deep knowledge of the subject, understanding and appreciation of respective tasks, consistency in approach and precision in results.

Casting Design

Design & development support with challenges in casting complex shapes, proprietary alloys, and ensuring dimensional accuracy for critical applications.


We offer effective solutions that draw from traditional techniques and the latest in Rapid Prototyping technology with a focus on production representative prototypes that can be live tested in the application environment.

Migration to Casting

Cost effective, performance enhancing and time saving solutions to migrate from other manufacturing methods such as machining or fabrication to high-integrity casting.

Tooling Development

Our partners are skilled in design and manufacture of tooling for your foundry and can even supply initial samples to test performance and reliability of tooling.

Pre-Series Sample Production

Our focus on life cycle solutions to casting challenges includes post development sample batch production of castings.

Series Production

We are regular suppliers to globally renowned original equipment manufacturers and can seamlessly integrate into your complex multi-vendor supply chain for series parts.

Precision Machining

We offer unmatched accuracy and precision of form along with tight lead times and cost effective solutions for precision machined parts. Our partners use the most modern techniques and latest CNC machines to noticeable effect.

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