Metallgiesserei Wilhelm Funke

Founded by Wilhelm Funke I in the post-war reconstruction years, today they have emerged as one of the foremost proponents and specialists of gravity sand casting in the world. With a workforce of 75 employees, Funke offers six decades of accumulated expertise in high-integrity casting of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. Their exceptionally flexible integrated platform including in house development and production of patterns, raw casting, machining and testing is a strength from which their success derives. Funke produces approximately 350 tonnes of castings a year for a blue chip clientele in projects ranging from prototypes to pre-production batches and series parts.


Fichtner & Schicht

fichtner-logoFichtner & Schicht is at the forefront of innovation in electroforming with over 35 years of experience in this area. F&S’ products include laminating tools for composite constructions, erosion protection shields for helicopter/aircraft blades, a variety of injection and reaction injection moulds, EDM electrodes and tooling for micro engineering. Precision, functionality, quality and consistency are the driving force behind efforts at F&S. Also, F&S’ highly technical and development-based approach allows for effective innovation and flexibility to meet customised requirements irrespective of volumes and without artificial barriers such as minimum order quantities. F&S strengthens and broadens our tooling offering while also adding products for composites to our materials portfolio.


Giessereitechnik Heinrich Stadtmueller

Giessereitechnik Heinrich Stadtmueller GmbH is a family-run business, founded in 1983 in the industrial heart of Germany , close to Stuttgart. Stadtmueller are specialized manufacturers of ceramic core solutions servicing investment and other precision casting industries for over 30 years. Today, customers from all over the world rely on Stadtmueller for their high quality technical ceramics and customised solutions.

Stadtmueller specializes in the supply of complex ceramic cores and corresponding tooling. In addition, they provide end-to-end solutions including wax-injection tools, gauges, and special control fixtures. Stadtmueller cores, tooling and fixtures are customised and calibrated to ensure optimal performance in the customer’s unique operating environment. There are also virtually no limitations in respect of geometry and ceramic cores ranging from a few grams up to several kilograms in weight are possible. Volumes are also not a constraint and requirements for rapid prototyping applications or for series parts can be delivered within tight lead times. It is this flexibility coupled with speed and consistency that ensures Stadtmueller’s integral position within the supply chain of top foundries across the world.


Kuhn Special Steel

kk-IconKuhn Special Steel is a world-class supplier of high-quality, centrifugally-cast stainless-steel components based in Radevormwald, Germany. Since 1960, this family-owned company has been manufacturing high-quality components for customers located around the world across 30 different industries.

Kuhn’s material spectrum ranges from low-alloy steels to iron-free alloys including austenitic, martensitic and ferritic stainless steels as well as a large number of duplex grades. This large variety of material solutions in combination with the efficiency of the centrifugal casting technique guarantees highest quality and is the most competitive alternative to forged materials for rotation-symmetrical geometries.

Kuhn castings offer solutions wherever highest wear-resistance, corrosion-resistance and precision are required such as shipbuilding with bushes for rudder stocks and engineering parts for diesel engines, the decanter industry with conveyor bodies and decanter bowls, the food industry with bushings and drums, and steelworks for mono-cast rolls and bimetal-component rolls and shells.

The name Kuhn Special Steel stands for top quality, maximum flexibility, outstanding reliability and the power of innovation.

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