Our focus on critical applications relies on in-depth understanding of sectoral constraints. Together with our partners,we bring decades of experience to bear in these specific markets on the challenges faced by our customers. Joint development efforts with our customers foster creativity, innovation and engender durable solutions that survive rigorous scrutiny and validation.


We offer high-integrity casting solutions to the aerospace industry. We tackle the needs for reduced weight, consistency, innovation in materials, increasing complexity and integration, and migration to castings from less suitable manufacturing methods.


Our casting solutions cover all areas of the Defence industry. We work with public-sector enterprises, original equipment manufacturers, defence research laboratories, and suppliers to the defence industry in development of castings, converting machined product into a more cost-effective and consistent cast format and supply of castings in series for various applications.


We supply highly specialized castings for critical applications in the marine environment for civil and defence craft and other marine applications. Our partners have vast experience in marine-grade alloys, specifications for marine applications and complex multi-vendor projects enabling us to support development efforts as well as series requirements.

Power Generation

We understand the needs of this sector in terms of size, complexity, operation conditions, critical specifications, certifications and references. Castings can be delivered in ‘as cast’ condition or along with complete surface refinement, treatment and assembly. Thus offering substantial savings in cost and cycle time.


Our partners intimately understand petrochemical environments, and associated pressure, exposure and temperature considerations. We offer solutions for conversion into casting from other manufacturing processes with resulting cost and time savings on machining, welding, fabrication and assembly operations.


Our product life-cycle solutions specifically condense development and prototyping timelines for your castings, delivering impressive results in cost-savings, time to market, quality and performance enhancement and consistency in final product.

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